Run retrospectivesthat don’t suck

Uninspired sprint retrospectives that don’t get your team thinking creatively are a waste of time. Retroulette helps you plan activities that keep everyone engaged and productive.

Start planning

Do your retrospectives feel like a waste of time?

Retrospectives that end without action steps for the next iteration are pointless. We guide you through the five steps of a complete retrospective to guide you to those actions steps.

Stuck doing the same activities over and over?

Having the participants do the exact same exercises in every retrospective makes it hard for them to come up with new ideas. We help you find new activities to mix things up and get the creative ideas flowing.

Always running out of time?

If you have to end a retrospective early because the time is up, you’re missing out on the most valuable part. While we can’t make you faster, we can help you find activities that are more likely to fit into your timebox.